Brake Caliper Cover | Tesla Model 3 - Carbone Prestige Shop
Brake Caliper Cover | Tesla Model 3 - Carbone Prestige Shop
Brake Caliper Cover | Tesla Model 3 - Carbone Prestige Shop

Brake Caliper Cover | Tesla Model 3 (2018-2023)

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Brake Caliper Cover | Tesla Model 3 - Carbone Prestige Shop

Brake Caliper Cover | Tesla Model 3 (2018-2023)

Regular price $199.99
Sale price $199.99 Regular price
Product description
Enhance your Tesla's wheel appearance with our Red Brake Caliper Covers. These covers not only add a sporty flair to your vehicle but also protect your brake calipers from dust and debris. 
Easy to install, they are a quick and stylish upgrade for any Tesla enthusiast.
  • Features and Specifications:
    • Color: Red.
    • Material: High-temperature resistant.
    • Design: Custom fit for Tesla models.
    • Function: Aesthetic enhancement, protects calipers.
    • Installation: Simple, no special tools required.

Once fitted, this cover transforms the appearance of your vehicle, adding a touch of sophistication and a distinct style. It elevates the luxury quotient of your car while also making it stand out from the crowd. Compared to other Model 3s, your vehicle will exude a more dynamic and sporty vibe. Crafted from high-grade aluminum alloy, this cover not only looks fantastic but also improves tire heat dissipation, blending elegance with performance enhancement.

Installation Guide for Tesla Model 3 Brake Caliper Covers

Step 1: Identifying the Caliper Covers

  • Begin by sorting the caliper covers: two larger covers for the front wheels and two smaller ones for the rear.
  • Ensure you correctly identify the front and rear caliper covers before proceeding.

Important Note

  • The installation steps are identical for both the front and rear caliper covers.

Step 2: Positioning the Caliper Covers

  • Position each caliper cover so that the rubber cap is on the top end and the tubing is on the lower end of the caliper.

Step 3: Locating the Installation Point

  • Find the gap between the brake disc and the caliper bracket. This is where the cover will be installed.

Step 4: Installing the Fixed Buckle

  • Hook the fixed buckle on the caliper cover onto the caliper bracket.
  • Push the buckle towards the center until it aligns flush with the bracket sidewall.
  • Ensure the caliper cover is evenly positioned on both sides and aligns with the center of the caliper.

Step 5: Securing the Adjustable Buckle

  • Locate the gap between the caliper and the brake disc for the second buckle.
  • Insert and push the adjustable buckle towards the center, aligning the bolt holes.

Step 6: Bolting the Buckle

  • Thread the hexagon bolt through the buckle hole.
  • Attach and fasten the provided nut onto the bolt.

Step 7: Tightening the Hardware

  • Tighten the bolt and nut using the provided tools, ensuring a secure fit.

Step 8: Checking the Brake Disc Protective Cover

  • Ensure the brake disc protective cover does not hinder the buckle installation.
  • If necessary, use a flat-head screwdriver to adjust the cover temporarily and then restore it post-installation.

Step 9: Testing the Installation

  • Reattach the tire, hand-tightening two lug nuts initially.
  • Rotate the wheel to check for interference with the caliper cover; there should be no metal friction sounds.
  • After confirming, install the remaining lug nuts.
  • Lower the car from the jack and securely tighten all lug nuts.
  • Perform a low-speed test drive to check for any rubbing or interference sounds. There should be no scraping noise.
  • If everything is clear, the installation is complete.

Congratulations on successfully installing your Tesla Model 3 Brake Caliper Covers!

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